Wednesday, January 21, 2015

President Obama Comes to Boise

And you KNOW I was there!
I stood in line for 2.5 hours on Monday to get the tickets, and then again today for another two hours to make sure we actually got in the door. Admission was not guaranteed, but there was no way I was going to have wasted that time on Monday just to get turned away today. So we hit an early breakfast and then made a bee-line to BSU. Our position in line today was much better than Monday, and we ended up being about 20 rows back (standing room only as it got moved to the indoor practice facility due to the BSU basketball game this evening).
The mood in that facility today was ELECTRIC. I don't care what party you side with, the opportunity to stand in the same room as the President of your country is amazing. Once in a lifetime, no doubt.
Standing in line with Jen from work and my aunt Brenda. We were later joined by my uncle Fernando and a friend of mine, Amanda.
As it got closer to noon (when the doors opened), we noticed the National Guard making some "laps" around the airspace. Pretty cool! I'm glad I brought the big lens today!
We had to go through security before we got inside. Typical airport style. I was floored they let us bring cameras, but once I read that on the ticket, I started charging up my battery and picking which lens to take.  When the President was announced and came in and up on stage, there was a sea of cell phones blocking my views.
Patience paid off and I was able to get some shots - though my toes and calves are tired from standing so long on my tip-toes.
The President talked about quite a few things he brought up during last night's State of the Union Address.  He also touched quite a bit on BSU football, which brought the loudest cheers. He said that while the country has a beautiful Statue of Liberty, BSU's statue of liberty play was the finest in the country by far. The roars were deafening. He sure knows how to play it up. ;)
After his speech was over, we stayed around for a little bit as he came down and mingled with some of the crowd. We didn't get close enough, but did get another glimpse as we were walking to the car. We got to see the entire motorcade, including The Beast!
So it's only January, but my year sure has been made!

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CreativeMish said...

What an exciting day. You got some great photo's