Monday, January 19, 2015

{Movie Review} The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

The Hobbit (book and movies) is very near and dear to my heart.  My freshman year in high school, while on our annual post-Christmas trip to the cabin, which usually spanned about a week or so, we got stranded. There were feet upon feet of snow, which was followed by days and days of rain. This is never a good mixture. This resulted in major mudslides that washed out portions of the highways.  Highway 17 was washed out, as was Highway 21. The avalanche gates up through Stanley were closed. We literally had no way out. We had to get pretty creative for entertainment, among other things. One of the things we did was read The Hobbit out loud, as a group of eight. At the time, I wanted nothing more than to be back home with all of my friends, going to school. Looking back, it was an adventure I will never forget. Much like Bilbo. ;-)  I would give anything to be stranded at the cabin again!
When Eric and I first got back in touch, many years ago, he had to force me to watch The Lord of the Rings movies. I understand they branch off from The Hobbit, but they just aren't the same. So when I heard they were making The Hobbit into a trilogy, I was extremely excited. The first two movies were excellent and followed the book precisely. The third movie, which we finally got to see the other night (I usually see these opening week, but my work schedule prevented it this time) was no different and did not disappoint. It was phenomenal. There was one portion that got a little to "fantasy" for me (ironic considering the entire premise) and I looked at Eric like, "really?" But it was short and moved on quickly. Overall, I am so pleased with how Peter Jackson brought this book to life. Every last character was so unique and he really brought out the heart of the story. I highly recommend reading The Hobbit, if you haven't yet, and even re-reading it if it's been 19 years.  (holy shit, it's been 19 years?!)  And then treat yourself to these movies.

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CreativeMish said...

I need to read all of the books again. I was in 4th and 5th grade when I read them. I'm not even going to say how many years that has been.