Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Recap

What a busy long weekend! I have thoroughly enjoyed having the last five days off. In no way, shape, or form am I ready for work tomorrow. However, trial prep is coming and the long hours (and overtime) are about to hit. So, whether or not I'm ready for it, the time has come.
Thanksgiving this year was totally relaxing. I did a ton of scrapbooking, some deep cleaning around the house, lots of wrestling/giggling/tickling with the kids, crafts with the kids, and some movie time cuddled up on the couch.
Kendall doing her own crafting while I scrapbooked:
My Aunt Taunya hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year. It was delicious, as always!
The round of Brian so finely stated, "to us, and those who want to be like us".
After getting painfully full at my family's dinner, we headed over to Eric's family gathering. They had finished dinner, so we visited for a while, then launched into dessert and a few games.
One of the crafts I wanted to do with the kids stemmed from someone I follow on Instagram. It seemed easy enough, so we recreated Olaf!  I drew and cut out all of the main pieces we would need.
Then I let the kids put together their Olaf.
Ha! While they aren't exactly a perfect rendition, the kids sure loved them.
And then they set out "decorating" each Olaf.
Saturday evening, Eric and I cooked up another whole Thanksgiving meal. It was delicious and I look forward to all of the leftovers!
We also made a trip over to The Village to see all of the lights, the Christmas tree, and the ice skaters. It was seriously windy and I promised the kids we would ice skate on a night that wasn't going to blow us away. We also need to get back to see Santa!
The fountain lights were blue and orange for the big BSU game!
Licking the bowl after one of our baking adventures.
We also had Eric's mom take us out for some family pictures. The one I'm using for Christmas cards is a secret. :)

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