Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hello Winter!

As much as we were enjoying a nice fall, winter sure raged its way into the valley this week. I think we got about 7-8 inches total, though some of it had packed down and/or melted off before we took an "official" measurement in the backyard. I put Carter to work shoveling off the driveway. He sure didn't make it far before stopping to build a snowman, which never got finished. ;)
We also wanted to go sledding, but didn't want to travel far due to other commitments. We ended up at Kleiner Park with quite a few other people. It was really fun!
Carter jumped straight into it, sprinting to the top of a hill and powering down on his sled.
Kendall took some convincing, but once she was on her way down, she was definitely squealing with delight.
Pink noses and cheeks were a sign that it was time to come home and snuggle in bed for naps. What a fun time!

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