Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Top Of The World

As part of a donation I made through my work to LLS (http://www.lls.org/), I got to tour the penthouse and deck of the spire today, which was really cool! I work in the tallest building in the state of Idaho, the Zions Bank building, downtown Boise. It's brand new and pretty dang fancy! I love being in the heart of downtown. The penthouse offers some spectacular views of the entire valley, but the spire deck (19 stories up) takes the cake. It's quite the hike up a very tall ladder, through a roof hatch. But well worth it! The rep for The Gardner Company really gave us some great information about not only our building, but the surrounding construction projects, including the J.U.M.P. and the transit station. And quite possibly some insider information not yet known to the Treasure Valley. As part of the construction downtown, there will soon be the largest crane in North America. Here in Boise! And due to that, the U.S. Bank building will not have the ever-present Christmas tree atop the building this holiday season. The crane will be so tall, it will swing over the top of the U.S. Bank building, thus not allowing the Christmas tree. It's planned to only be a one year absence, but dang I will miss that tree! Apparently there is something in the works to distract the general public from the missing tree.....I guess we'll see what they come up with!
When I took this shot, I leaned out over the wall. One of the ladies on the tour was freaking out, wanting me to step back. Lady, 19 stories up is nothing once you stand on the top observation deck of the Empire State Building. Settle down.
My firm takes up the entire 13th floor, so we are fairly used to these views. But there is something special about standing up in the open air, taking it all in.
Looking up at the spire. We got to see the hatch where they can adjust the lighting for decorative purposes.

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