Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mountain Air

I am quite pleased with the amount of times I have been able to get up into the mountain air this year. It's my favorite place to be. My parents and Rod and Taunya have been up near Boiling Springs again, so I took the kids up to visit. We did this same trip last year and it was rainy. This year, rainy. Seriously - we are jinxed! It certainly didn't stop me from taking the trip, and in fact, aside from some light drizzles here and there, it really wasn't THAT rainy.
It is no secret that Carter LOVES the 4 wheelers. Everyone had a running bet as to how long it would take him after we arrived to ask someone, ANYONE, to take him on a ride. He actually lasted longer than anyone had bet, but it still drew a chuckle when he finally did ask.
Papa was the first victim.
We also played catch a couple times, and Rod had some great pointers for Carter that I will be using in our drills from here on out.
Such a handsome goofball!
Taunya was always pleased to take Carter on a ride.
Just like last year, we took a walk down into Boiling Springs, to the cabin (though people were there) and the hot springs. I let Carter get in and he really enjoyed the warm water this year.
These two dogs and their incessant diving for rocks.
Dad and Rod watching the dogs and Carter.
Think he's relaxed at all?
We have all these chairs around and she plops on the ground with her food.
Heading to the fire to listen to the BSU game. My spirit socks did NOT help us win.
My two favorite ladies.
Mountain sunset.
Since my parents and Rod/Taunya have brand new trailers (they are certainly set for retirement!), I didn't take a tent for sleeping. We just camped out inside the trailers instead!
Someone in a neighboring camp left two of these "chairs". I brought home the small one for Kendall. The other, which was Carter's size, was too big to bring home.
I'm not entirely sure what these berries are, but they were ALL over the place!
I stopped near Crouch to grab a shot of a barn with all of the fall colors, but with the way the barn is situated in proximity to the road, it wasn't the grand shot I thought it would be. but I did grab one of Carter since he was out exploring with me.

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