Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was crazy busy. I am launching into a new job, and into a field in which I have zero experience. While I am somewhat nervous to handle this area of law, the excitement is taking over and I can't wait to start. In the meantime, I have taken a couple weeks off to enjoy my kids, and have one more week of downtime before this new opportunity starts. I am grateful for the free time - I pulled Kendall out of daycare and have been doing preschool stuff with her at home, and I have also been volunteering with Carter's class quite often.  Tomorrow is field day and I can't wait to spend the day with the kids.
I really just have no words to describe the month following my vacation. I completely ignored the gym (though I was still doing my home workouts). I got back into the gym this weekend and it felt so good. I have missed it, along with the people I have met there.  (all phone pics in this post, sorry)
And while I love my home workouts, it's hard to keep a straight face and focus on breathing when this nut is in the room:
I also did some shopping for a baby shower for my friend, Jenny. She recently went through a successful adoption (after a couple of let-downs), so her friends gathered to celebrate the new baby. I LOVE shopping for babies! Kendall and I had a great time picking out girl stuff.
I also took the kids to see Rio 2. This was Kendall's first trip to the movie theater and I'm glad there was only one other family there. She had zero interest in the movie. Definitely going to wait a little while before taking her back. But Carter had a great time and we loved Rio 2.
Friday was water day for the kindergarten classes.  I had so much fun with the kiddos.  Even Carter's love, Macee, was there. She is in the other kindergarten class, though she and Carter are in the same skill group. I tried to get a picture of her with Carter, but she told me she didn't want one. So I had to sneak some of her, and then them together when it was popsicle break time (she's in the pink shirt).
Never a dull moment with Kendall:
Saturday evening was my cousin, Sydney's high school graduation. I can't believe she's even old enough to graduate - I can't believe it's been 14 years since MY graduation. Holy cow, time flies!  The family went out for celebratory drinks afterwards and it was nice to sit and talk/laugh with everyone. 
Sunday morning, I had a family shoot in the morning, and then took the kids fishing (again) out at Swan Falls. I had never been out there before (or at least that I can remember), so it was nice to see a new place, even though there were TONS of families out fishing and it was hard to find a decent spot. We got a few bites, but nothing big enough to keep. It was nice to take in some sun, nonetheless.

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