Sunday, June 8, 2014

Those Summer Nights

This weekend included another visit from Dana, Veronica, and little Easton.  Veronica had a baby shower to attend, so the trio came down for that, wedding planning, and visiting with family.
Friday evening, I didn't have my kids, so I got to spend some time with the clan on my own. Easton sure was a ham!
Saturday evening, we had a big BBQ. I grabbed the kids in the afternoon and stopped to get our pool and water toys. The weather really made me nervous as to whether we could even use the pool, but it ended up working out just fine. The kids splashed around and the adults played corn hole (I happened to go 4-0 on the weekend, by the way).
Once Easton got into the pool, the kids really had a blast. He loved it!
Gotta watch out for that Kendall girl - she'll get ya!
I so, so wish I had my camera on me for this picture. It was inside, I was outside with a drink in my hand. I knew with the kids that I had about 3 seconds to take this picture before they were back up being busy butts again, so a phone pic is all I have. But damn it if this isn't everything I want for their childhood - summer nights with family, good food, laughs, and silly/messy faces. That's the meaning of life, right there:

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CreativeMish said...

Easton is so cute and getting so big. I love that Popsicle picture. so cute.