Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Camping Adventure

With a busy summer planned, including lots of photography stuff and planned trips, I wanted to get the kids up to the mountains for some camping before the summer got away from us. Instead of venturing up to the normal camping areas we frequent, we decided to head a different direction and ended up near the Boiling Springs area where I spent many summers as a kid. There were TONS of people and literally no open camping spots. We happened upon an area that already had two trailers set up and were about to bail on that spot when we saw a hidden fire pit. A fire pit means an established camping area. So we stopped the truck and checked it out. Sure enough, it was totally unclaimed. We pounced on the spot as there was nothing left in the area. It turned out to be a great little spot right on the river. Let me tell you, there is nothing more peaceful than falling asleep to the sound of water (whether it's the river or the ocean).
We had to get camp set up rather quickly since we wasted quite a bit of time roaming around for an open spot.
This kid LOVES to camp!
Kendall is still learning the ropes of camping. First thing out of the truck, she was complaining that she had dirt in her shoes. I laughed and told her to get used to it, it's a matter of life in the mountains. Once she let go of that, she did great!
Some dripping sap on a nearby tree.
Foil packets cooking in the fire.
Saturday was a very busy day - we had so much we wanted to do! Eric and Carter got up early and spent a couple of hours away from the camp site fishing. Kendall and I went for a little nature walk. She loved picking the mountain wild flowers.
We also practiced some baseball with Kendall, which was by far her favorite thing. We played a modified round of corn hole as well. I say modified because Kendall just walked up and put the bean bags into the hole. Hey, rules are different when you're only three! ;)
Later in the afternoon, after naps, we all hopped in the truck and took a drive to gather more firewood. It was a gorgeous afternoon!
Once we got back to camp, the kids played around in the shade tent while I prepped dinner.
Dinner was followed by more marshmallow roasting. The kids loved this!
We packed up camp this morning and headed back home. We stopped at the Boiling Springs cabin, but there were people there so we didn't get to walk all the way back in to explore the cabin and grounds. Might be time to rent that old cabin again!

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