Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

Due to the custody schedule, I don't actually get the kids ON Easter this year. So I did a small little hunt for the kids in my backyard. They will be hitting the huge hunt at Kleiner Park later today and I'm so excited for them! I know they are going to have a ball running around, gathering up eggs and candy.
I stumbled upon the cutest idea on Pinterest (of course) for "planting" jelly beans the night before and having them magically grow into suckers overnight. The kids LOVED this! So fun!

Carter's most prized decorated egg. I decorated eggs with the kids the other night and Carter had some pretty high demands for drawings on the eggs. This was the "monster truck" according to the picture on the box - hey, it's as good as it gets for this "artist"! ;)
Of course, it was difficult to put the candy away for a REAL breakfast.

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