Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project 52: Week Seventeen {white}

This week includes more than one photo.  I took Kendall up for a little adventure to see the Rooster Tail up at Luck Peak. The Rooster Tail is something that used to be on display daily, up until 1986 when the construction of the Lucky Peak Power Plant began.  Now, the Rooster Tail is on display to the public for a limited time, generally in late April/early May during the spring runoff season.  This limited display is to reduce the wear and tear to the original release structures.  The Rooster Tail itself results from the discharge of water through the original release structures of the dam under high pressure from the lake above the dam. The Army Corps of Engineers uses a "flip bucket" to direct the spray high into the air. Doing this greatly reduces the erosive, scouring nature of the water - shooting the water extremely high so that it dissipates as it rises, rests, and then slowly falls back to the stream channel.

Here are the photos I was able to take today.

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Creative Mish said...

You got some great pictures of the rooster tail. I remember going up there to Sandy point as a teen and see it and a few times when Eric and Janelle were small. It's been a long time.