Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kendall's New Bling

So we had a big yard sale on Saturday, which was pretty successful. We got rid of a lot of things that were taking up room around the house, in the shed, and in the garage. I love a good cleansing of the house - I can't stand hoarders or pack-rats. After the sale, I had a family maternity shoot that was just awesome (pics coming soon!) and then I met Eric and the kids at the mall.  We were basically there for shoes for Eric, but as we walked by Claire's, we agreed that it was time to pierce Kendall's ears.  I honestly hadn't planned on doing this until she was 7-8 years old, simply because that's how old I was when I got my first ear piercings. And to be honest, I hated it. So I figured it made sense to get Kendall's ears done while she was too young to even remember the process. Of course, she screamed bloody murder and I'm sure everyone in the entire mall knew what had just happened, but damn her ears are so adorable!  Eric has the video on his phone, so I'm working on getting that transferred to the computer and will possibly do another post with that video.  In the meantime, here is a photo I snapped of her on Sunday.

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