Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kendall's Birthday Party

So yesterday, we had our families over to celebrate Kendall's first birthday. The weather was gorgeous, so I sent a message to everyone, telling them to bring their law chairs and we would have the party outside. And what a perfect day it turned out to be!  Here are some photos of the day.

I made a double layer carrot cake - I happened to find an amazing recipe online and clearly it was a hit because there wasn't one crumb left over from that cake!
 I decided to do a medium sized cupcake for Kendall. I was originally going to do one of those giant cupcakes, but seriously, they are GIANT. As in, bigger than my double layer cake. No one year old needs something that big. So I found another set that had three molds for medium sized cupcakes and it was perfect!

 This picture cracks me up - looks like she is in the middle of telling a great story!

Opening presents with daddy.

 The girl got a camera!

 And some snazzy new shoes.
 The dog never hurts for attention, seriously.
Time for the birthday girl to get her cake!

She was more adventurous with her cake than her older brother was with his.
 Didn't take much convincing for her to dive right in.

All gone, and alllll over!

I didn't intend for her to eat virtually the whole thing, but hey, you only turn one once, right? It just made for some lovely diapers later in the evening. ;)
We also had an impromptu water fight break out!

 After everyone had gone home, we put together the new bike trailer and took it out for a two mile ride. Kendall loved it!

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