Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project 52: Week Fifteen {movement}

This is a shot I have wanted to get for years. In fact, my aunt, who had me shoot the Depot photo last year, also wants this shot blown up and framed in her house. I went out last night for some "me" time, and attempted this shot. I didn't do any editing simply because it was too windy and I won't be printing these. I will be going back on another Friday/Saturday evening with less wind. I favor the second shot simply because of the "sun" look of the street light to the right side of the frame.

Canon EOS 60D
Focal Length 55mm
f/10.0 (20 second exposure)
ISO 100

Canon ESO 60D
Focal Length 35mm (wide angle lens)
f/10.0 (20 second exposure)
ISO 100

1 comment:

Creative Mish said...

These turned out great! I need practice on the shutter speed. UGH!