Sunday, January 17, 2010

The First "Formal" Wedding

Over the last year, I have informally snapped some pictures at the weddings we have attended. Since the photography business has taken off, I really haven't had the chance to do any big weddings yet simply because we are in the cold winter months.....and let's face it, more people get married in the warmer months. Last weekend, I had the chance to shoot my first wedding....which was almost perfect because it was an LDS wedding, so I didn't have a ceremony to shoot. So I was able to get my feet wet without being totally thrown into the deep end, so to speak. The bride and groom, and their wedding party, were so much fun! They were young and lively and a piece of cake to instruct....and they had plenty of their own ideas too. Which is always a big help.
And let me tell you was so fun shooting this wedding because I was not the bride! It's fun to be right in the mix of all the stress and anxiety, but know it's not MY day and I don't have to make anything perfect.
So taking the pictures? That's the fun part.
Ahhhh.....young and in love.

Overall, I had some good stuff to work with. Obviously there were hundreds of pictures to choose from, and I ended up with a fantastic selection......only a small fraction of which is up for display here.
And there are some things I still need to work on.....but that's all part of the process. And I welcome the learning, and the trial and error.


♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Very Nice indeed! ;o)

Creative Mish said...

They look fabulous!

Barbara said...

You did an awesome job.... Love it