Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hawks Baseball & Independence Day

This *HOT* weather sure has come on in full force this week! After a grueling June at work, I took some extra days off around the 4th to have some down time and get caught up on some stuff at home. We also enjoyed a Boise Hawks game, even though they blew the lead and ended up losing. The post-game fireworks were awesome!

We bumped into one of Carter's teammates and his family at the game, which included Chloe! Chloe and Kendall quickly became the best of buds during summer baseball. They hung out quite a bit of the game.

The kids also got to get a picture with Humphrey before we left the stadium.

We got up early the morning of the 4th, grabbed some donuts, dropped Matt's car off at the fireworks-watchin' spot to keep it "reserved", and then headed downtown to watch the parade. This parade is always a blast because of the massive water fight between all of the firetrucks. Definitely keeps us cooled off right when that noon heat starts to hit.

The spot we picked to watch fireworks proved to be great - quite the view! And it was nice to watch a different show than our normal one.

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