Monday, July 3, 2017

Ahhhhh, normal life

Now that summer baseball has closed out, life can resume a more normalized pace. I had a few days away from the kids, so the best way to enjoy some peace and quiet is to head to the mountains. While the majority of the people were headed towards McCall for the holiday, we headed right at Banks to a far better destination. We stopped off at the staircase to see the water pounding downstream. We just missed a couple kayakers, who are just crazy to even attempt this stretch of river under normal circumstances, let alone the high water year we are having. This is even lower than it was a month ago.....I can't even imagine. The volume of water going through right now is unlike anything I have ever seen. 

My absolute favorite place to be is sitting by the river, reading a good book. Hands-down. Best thing on earth. 

 We hiked around quite a bit so I could show Matt some of the best places up near the cabin. It was a warm day for sure, so it's a good thing we kept close to the river to cool off - that water is still ice cold!

We stopped off to see a couple great camping spots, and I was floored to see this one empty. There were fresh egg shells in the fire pit, so someone had clearly been there that day, or the day before. Crazy fun memories at this spot - I need to restock all of my camping gear and show the kids this spot. I'm sure it'll be one they will use on their own someday. 

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