Saturday, December 17, 2016

Easton Turns 4!

My nephew, Easton, turned the big F-O-U-R this week so we got together for a small family celebration. His big party is this weekend and I'm sure he'll have a blast!!  While Veronica were in the middle of the stocking holder project, we heard quite the commotion out in front of her house. We looked out the window and there were quite a few first responders over at her neighbor's house. We waited until they were done, and then sent Easton out to investigate. As soon as he saw the firemen, he said "It's my birthday, can you take me for a ride?!" Unfortunately, they weren't able to take him for a ride, but they did several fist bumps with him and also gave him a fireman hat.
Then he went over to talk to the police officers, where he got a card and a sticker, and more fist bumps. It sure made his day!!
After my kids got out of school, we all gathered back up at Dana and Veronica's for a birthday dinner, and then decorated gingerbread houses.  It was a great evening.

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