Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Celebrations

The kids were lucky ducks this year and had several Christmas celebrations.  After Mason's first birthday celebration, we had a great lasagna dinner prepared by my mom, and then we launched into Christmas fun! Mason really wasn't into the gift thing this year, but I'm betting he will be by the time next Christmas rolls around.
We seriously got dumped with snow this Christmas. I just got back from a quick little trip to Cascade, and it's absolutely beautiful up in Winter Wonderland! This is a shot from my backyard. My neighbors have this tree in their backyard, which branches over part of mine. I thought the red looked really pretty against the white snow.
As per our normal routine, the kids spend Christmas Eve with me, and Christmas Day with their dad. They talked me into opening presents earlier in the day than we typically do, and I really had no logical reason to say no. They had more time to play with their new stuff!
It's been non-stop playing in the snow at my house. And it's currently snowing right now. Carter wrote something on one of his new art pads the other day that said "let it snow EVERY day!" Ok, I think that art pad made his wish come true! So.MUCH.Snow!

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