Saturday, December 31, 2016

{2016} A Year in Review

2016....what do I say about you? Talk about some major highs, and major lows. I have two words to truly focus on for 2017, and I will get to those at the end of this post. For now, let's navigate through the highlights of 2016.
As usual, the year was kicked off with a sledding adventure. I'm excited for this year's trip as it's always a good time. I'm hoping my recovery is far enough along that I can actually participate instead of just watching....we shall see! Should be most of the same group this year, and hopefully more!
We supported BSU in a big way this year - both basketball and football.
The opportunity to shoot the BSU football games was something I never saw coming, but what fun it was!! I'm not sure I will continue with the job, as it was far more hassle than it was worth, but there really isn't much better than watching ON the field!
Watching my dad retire and embark on a new set of life adventures was awesome.
Between us going there, and them coming here, we got to see lots of Dana, Veronica, Easton, and baby Mason this year.
Baseball for Carter continued and it was quite the year! I believe they were the #1 team in his league, and Carter sure sparked an interest in pitching this season.
We had silly moments. LOTS of them. Far more than I could ever document in pictures!
We took updated pictures and I realized, once again, how beautiful my kids are, inside and out.
We had MANY trips to the mountains, which always serves my heart well.
 I bought a house!!! Talk about a nerve-wracking adventure, filled with projects (some fun, some not so fun) and making new memories.
I had the chance to travel to Boston to see the Red Sox play at Fenway, FINALLY! And watching Big Papi slam a homerun AT Fenway. I will never forget that game!
Carter got to compete in his first Kids' Obstacle Challenge.
I took Carter on our own little trip to Seattle. We saw so much in those few days, and I hope it's a trip he remembers forever. In addition to seeing a lot of the city itself, I took Carter to his first two MLB games. He was a little excited. ;)
Shortly after the Seattle trip, we made our way to the Oregon Coast, where I got to show my kids the ocean for the first time. The chilly water sure didn't stop them from spending hours and hours splashing around on the beach.
A new school year brought Kendall's first day of kindergarten. WHERE does the time go?!
We also got some updated family pictures. 
Carter decided he wanted to add another sport to his already busy athletic life (swimming, baseball, and skiing are already on the list), so Y-Ball it was! It was a great season and we all had so much fun watching him be a defensive BEAST.
Occasionally throughout the year, they loved on each other. But if you blinked, you missed it. ;)
 Carter got his first experience at Firebird.
 Kendall continued to love on everyone within a three foot radius.....poor Easton!
Kendall also decided she wanted to try something outside of swimming, and since she's not yet old enough for softball, we opted for gymnastics, and she has THRIVED in this program. She has such a fun time, and if you have a free 15 minutes, she would love to show you about 87 cartwheels!  ;)
Let's cousin Brian got married up near the cabin and it was an amazing weekend surrounded by family and close friends.
The very next day, my cousin, Matt, and his wife, Lori, welcomed their first baby.
I got to spend A LOT more time with my nephews as Dana and Veronica moved back to Boise!
As the year drew to an end, I made the decision to have a major surgery. I have been off for most of December, healing up, and I'm looking forward to feeling 100% once again.
Oh, and love. So much story here that I'm just going to keep to myself. What a grand adventure.
For 2017, I have two words that I would like to lead my life, both mentally and emotionally. Those are PEACE and SIMPLICITY. Both are very specific to my planned journey, and I can't wait to share what's in store.
Happy New Year!

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