Friday, April 1, 2016

Play Ball!

On the way to Carter's first game last night, I thought to myself, "shoot, I forgot my camera." And then followed that thought with, "well, it's ok because there are lots of games and I'll just get pictures next game." Totally ok with the fact that there would only be phone pictures.
And then Carter says "oh, and the coach told me I'm pitching tonight."
And now I don't even have my camera on hand for this?!
I knew it would be a tall order to get pictures and be the official scorebook, but dang it MY KID IS PITCHING.
He did so great! Started off a little rocky....hitting the very first batter.....but then came back solid with five strike-outs in two innings (the pitching limit at this age). I could not have been more proud of this kid! 
Now that we know he has some serious interest in pitching, it's time to work on mechanics!

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