Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy Retirement, Dad!

Last night closed the chapter titled "Work Life" for my dad. After 40 years (!!!) at his job, the time came to hang up the hat and embrace a new chapter in life. So many people came out to recognize my dad - what a great party!
We even threw in a little surprise for him.....Dana, Veronica, and the kiddos made a last-minute drive down from Northern Idaho to join the celebration!
Scott, the owner, gave a wonderful speech about my Dad, and presented him with many goodies to carry him into retirement life.
A beer holster!
A beer mug with a bell to ring when the cup is getting a little empty. ;) And a tropical shirt to take on the big trip to Puerto Rico!
Beer goggles?
What got the biggest laugh was being presented with a  new cell can tell by the way my dad is holding it that he was THRILLED with this gift! ;)
My dad also gave a moving speech....not a dry eye in the house!
And the kiddos had a blast running around and exploring.

Such a fun night. Dad, I'm so excited to see what this next phase in life brings for you. I know for sure there will be many, many adventures......abroad and at home. Can't wait!

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