Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break!

I was able to take all of last week off to spend spring break with the kiddos. Seems like I was a thousand times more busy being at home than at work! Whew! We had a lot of fun, and I got a ton of spring cleaning done around the house.
One of the items on the kids' list of things to do was make cupcakes. Carter opted to spend two days at the Y doing their fun activities, so cupcake day was just a girls' day. Kendall picked out BLUE cupcakes, so we made those, frosted them, and then added some sprinkles. And then she decided she didn't like them. Go figure!! Little turkey!
We also got to go see the kids' newest little cousin, Norah! Baby Norah was like a hot potato, being passed back and forth between my two kids. And she slept through the whole thing!
I also went on the hunt for this bad boy:
I saw something similar on a car while stuck in traffic. While I'm not a big fan of window stickers, something that portrayed my love for Idaho outdoors definitely made me think twice. I searched high and low, had many people on FB helping me out, but ultimately, Michelle ended up just making one for me. I was so excited to put it on my car, and it looks so great!
Overall, it was definitely a stressful week with a lot more going on that I anticipated. I felt the need for some quality ME time creeping in, and the lack of it was making me very cranky. ;) So I was happy to get two solid half-days of scrapbooking in, which made me feel much better. We also tackled some house projects (some lasting much longer than they should have.....always an adventure!), and have a to-do list for this coming weekend as well. There were a few photoshoots scattered throughout my time off, as well as a ton of March Madness. While I love March Madness, the fact that it's almost over means BASEBALL IS ALMOST HERE!


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