Sunday, July 5, 2015

Independence Day!

Our 4th of July celebration was fairly quiet this year. We hit the parade in downtown Boise and had an absolute blast. This is by far my favorite parade, and the kids have a ball every year we attend - especially with the water fight at the end.
The kids were excited to see the Capitol Building up close. I told Carter he would probably get to do a field trip to the building in 4th grade as part of Idaho history. We had a few minutes to kill before the parade started, so I took the kids inside for a quick look.
We timed it just right because the parade started right when we got back to our spot.
The kids scored some major candy this year - enough to fill an entire bowl!
Since Eric had the night shift at work, my initial plan was to take the truck and watch the fireworks at the Meridian Speedway. Plans changed, however, and we ended up over at my aunt Brenda's house to help them set off their stuff. We had a great time!
I hope everyone had a fun and safe celebration - Happy Birthday, America!

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