Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day Trippin'

Yesterday, decided to day trip it up to Lowman to visit my parents and Rod and Taunya while they were camping. They happened to snag a great spot across from the swimming hole. We left first thing in the morning and spent the entire day in the river. It was hot so that chilly water was PERFECT!  There were several other families who came and went throughout the day, but it was never too crowded.
My mom got Carter out near the ledge a couple of times, but he never jumped all the way in. His comfort level in the river is definitely much lower than when he's at the pool for swimming lessons.
There is no single place on this planet that I have yet to find where I feel more at peace and at home than at the swimming hole. I try to get up there as many times as I can every year. I feel more relaxed sitting at this specific spot than anywhere else. The sound of the water rushing by is the greatest music ever produced.
Carter playing catch with some guys who stopped by.
Goofing around with Papa.
Taunya and me
Kendall eating - shocking!!
This kid's face, I swear!
Once we got back to Boise, we had a quick dinner and then grabbed one of our favorite summer treats:

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