Sunday, May 17, 2015

It's About That Time

I officially have less than three weeks until my date to get the braces taken off. I tacked on a little more time two appointments ago, but hey, when you are over $24k into a process, you pretty much want it to end perfectly. And that's why I was picky about one little thing, which added on another four weeks. Four weeks added to over two years really isn't all that much. This feeling is similar to that during the last two weeks of a pregnancy: you are done. You are over it. You want that baby out of your body. In this case, I want the braces gone. It's been a process unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have two fun trips planned in the coming months, so I'm glad the braces will be gone in time for those. Almost there!!
As I watch Carter's adult teeth come in, it's apparent he will also need braces. Hopefully I can get all of my costs paid off in time to start paying on his! ;)

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