Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

What a weekend!
Friday night was my firm's holiday party, and while the main party itself was rather tame, the pre and after parties stole the show. A group of us paralegals (and our guys) got together, since we all live relatively close to each other, for some pre-party drinks, etc. and then caravanned to the main party location. Since the main party wrapped up seriously early this year (apparently last year got quite rowdy), we headed to a bar for several hours of drinking and belly laughing. I'm glad my parents were able to watch my kids overnight because I needed a night out like that. So fun! Many adult games nights are now in the works for this group.
Saturday was quite a busy day with picking up the kids, shopping, and personal pampering. It's no secret that I do regular massages (I'm telling you, those memberships are worth it!) and pedicures. Saturday was a pedicure day and I love my holiday design (thanks to Pinterest).
Once I got home, Kendall and I set to work in the kitchen to make a yummy pre-game dinner.
And then I helped the kids put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree.
Sunday involved a quick little shoot, some house cleaning, editing with lots of Christmas music, and finishing a really good book. I'm about to start a new book by a brand new (to me) author. This always makes me nervous, but the reviews have been nothing but phenomenal, so I have a feeling this will be a good one.

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