Friday, December 26, 2014

The Christmas Adventure!

Christmas this year has been nothing but incredible. We were all spoiled rotten, the kids had such a fun time everywhere we went, and now we are simply vegging....having a movie day, ordering Chinese food later, and still have parties to attend tonight and tomorrow night. What a week of fun, indeed!
I've been baking up a storm the past two weeks. I have taken huge platters of Christmas goodies to work and Kendall's daycare. I also have another one to make for tomorrow's party. It's been insane in my kitchen, but this house has smelled amazing.
This time of year, Joey camps out under the Christmas tree. I'm not sure why, but this is where she can be found 99% of the time she's inside the house.
Per usual, we spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house. We ditched the normal finger foods we have always done and instead had a wonderful sit-down dinner. It was delicious!  The kids were squirming in their seats the entire time, eager to open their presents. I just wanted to get back and sit by the fire!
It finally begins!  ;)
Dana and Veronica sent down some gifts for the kids. Kendall got a Frozen dress-up box. She chose Anna's outfit first and kept it on most of the night.
Carter got a basketball hoop and has now spent hours and hours shooting hoops.
The most sought after toy this year was definitely the Doc McStuffins Get Better Mobile. This thing was sold out in stores and online. Fortunately, my mom and I hunted one down and I wish I had video of Kendall opening this gift! She was over the moon!
A while back, when the kids and I were roaming stores to get ideas for their wish lists, Carter and I happened upon a game called Mouse Trap. This is a game I remember from my childhood, and while it's a little bit different, the goal of the game is still the same. And Carter won!
Giving Papa a check-up!
Christmas morning was crazy in our house. Eric was up most of the night with some stomach issues, so I made my way to the couch to attempt to get SOME sleep. This didn't happen and Carter kept sneaking out every 30 minutes to catch Santa. I was one tired mama when the kids came out in the morning.
Santa brought Kendall a balance bike. Eric.....I mean SANTA.....swears that these produce better results than bikes with training wheels, so I guess we'll find out!
Santa brought Carter Grimlock Stomp & Chomp......a dinosaur that turns into a Transformer. Pretty fancy.....and loud.
Both kids also got big Lego sets - I spent about an hour with Kendall yesterday, putting together a small portion of her house. It's so fun to watch her think and build. I'm scared to even open Carter's set - almost 1000 pieces?!
The rest of Christmas Day was spent at Eric's sister, Ashley's house. We had a wonderful prime rib dinner and then opened gifts with the family.
Again, we were all spoiled rotten. It was so nice to just sit around in a circle and watch the gift opening and visit with everyone.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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