Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Carter's Ski Lessons: Year Three

For Christmas, Eric's mom signed Carter up for his third year of ski school. Though we had some good snow early in the winter, there hasn't been anything recently to make for great skiing conditions. Carter was sick for last week's lesson, though he still went and tried his best. Yesterday was the last day of lessons for this year. His teacher filled out such a great report card for Carter. He said Carter was an aggressive, talented skier. So proud of my little guy!

I didn't get to go up for his last day this year, as I have done the past two years, for two reasons:  we started a trial today and there was no way in hell I could have left work for half a day yesterday; Carter is advanced enough now that he doesn't go on the bunny hill at all, which is primarily where I got all of my prior pictures. I can't exactly follow the class up the lifts and onto the bigger runs in my snow boots. So, I had to live with the pictures Eric took from his phone.

For those wondering what it looks like above this stupid inversion, here are some shots from Bogus Basin Road.

More snow pictures will be coming soon. With the big changes going on in our lives, I decided to take the kids up to the cabin soon for a grand sledding adventure!

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