Monday, January 20, 2014

The Braces Adventure - An Update

I haven't done an update on the braces thing for quite a while, so here we go. The last time I updated was the beginning of December, when I had one of the bottom, front teeth pulled. This was done because the bottom teeth, as a whole, had floated out a bit, creating an open bite and a ridiculous lisp. The only way to make enough room to pull the teeth back in, to set behind the top, front teeth, was to pull a tooth. They have pulled the bottom teeth back in quite a bit and I feel like we are almost there. Once the teeth are back in correct position, they will pull the little gap closed. It has closed on its own a little bit, but it definitely will require more anchor chains, just like we did with the top teeth when we closed that (much bigger) gap.

At my last orthodontist appointment, they told me we were done moving the top teeth, front to back. Now it's time to just make the minor adjustments to get the teeth flush. These are small moves, but take a long time since every tooth is involved.

Overall, I finally feel like I'm pleased with the process. I am just about eight months post-surgery. My top teeth still feel somewhat unstable, but I know that's just going to take a while (up to a year, per the oral surgeon) to get back to normal. I am hopeful these braces will be off in a little over a year.

Until the next update, here is my smile!