Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Beginning of Christmas

This last week or so has been incredibly busy (and stressful!). We had lots to prepare for - holiday parties, work stuff, family coming to town to visit, our own Christmas stuff, etc. It was crazy for me. We definitely went cheap on our tree this year, but once we got home and it settled a bit, it was actually a nice looking tree. The kids wanted to decorate the entire thing, which I later had to correct since the ornaments only extended about four feet up the tree. ;)  But we had a great time decorating and they really liked the final product.
We also had the much-anticipated visit from my brother, Veronica, and my nephew, Easton! I think everyone had looked forward to this visit for so long, and for so many different reasons!  Dana and Veronica just moved from Billings to Coeur d'Alene (when I say just, I mean last week...still in the midst of unpacking, finding daycare, etc.), and had the time off to come spend the entire week of Christmas with their friends and family. We are trying to hog as much of their time as we can! ;)  We had a different holiday gathering on Saturday, when they first got to town, so when Sunday morning arrived, I was up early and getting the kids out the door so we could go visit! Fortunately, they are staying with our parents, so I had no problem whatsoever camping out for the entire day at mom and dad's house.
These two goofballs got quite the kick out of Papa throwing snowballs at the window. They didn't want to be outside in the cold, so this was their fun. Their giggles made the entire day.
Carter roped Dana and my dad into making a big snowman. I think it had been a while since any of them had made a snowman, but they sure ended up with a nice one!
One of Kendall's favorite things to do is have someone push her around in the wheelbarrow. She talked her Uncle Dana into it, no problem!
Finally reunited with my handsome boy! He wasn't feeling all that great, so we sure had to cheer him up.
He's also on the verge of walking, so we have been practicing with him quite often.
Some quality time with grandma.
This made me quite nervous because Kendall is definitely an aggressive player, but she did so well with Easton. I was proud of her for being gentle with him.
Proud dad.
We also had quite the surprise event on Sunday! Though it wasn't a surprise to us, it sure was for Veronica! We had been waiting for Dana to propose for several days and he decided to wait until they were in Boise to officially pop the question. He hid the black jeweler's box in the snowman, as one of the charcoal buttons. Veronica didn't even notice it until Dana pointed it out and asked her to get it. Only then did she realize what was going on!
Then the waterworks were in full swing - for ALL of us! She was crying out there. We were crying inside. I was trying to take pictures while crying. Sheesh! But needless to say, we were thrilled!
My dad checking out the bling!
We also ended up over at The Village ( to stroll around and then let the kids see Santa. By the time we got in line, we were informed the wait was two hours. With three young kids, we weren't about to make them stand out in the cold. We decided to try again the following day, but managed to snag some pictures while we were there walking around.
We decided to play the odds Christmas Eve morning - we arrived nice and early and snagged third place in line. Hardly any wait at all! Santa was super nice and really patient with us while we took our own pictures. Carter is obsessed with Santa this year - this was his fourth time seeing him!
Kendall still likes the IDEA of Santa, but put her within a three foot radius of him and all bets are off. Eric had to sit with her and lean out of the shot so we could get the three cousins together.
 And Easton! He was such a champ!
We also used a free 5x7 photo coupon, though the quality was terrible. I wish I had handed the little helper elf my camera instead! But still, a great shot and a fun time for all of us!

Stay tuned for more holiday fun!

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