Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{2013} In Words and Pictures

This year was huge and minimal, at the same time. I set out to take it easy on the photography front this year, and I think I managed it quite successfully. I had numerous weekends throughout the year for family time, which was awesome. It seems like in previous years, I had to mark off weekends on my calendar just to get some family time. I wasn't interested in doing that again this year, so I was a lot more selective in my bookings, and I didn't advertise nearly as much. Some might not call that "successful", but I do. One of the great things about having your own business (especially when it's your second job and you are the boss), is you can make it whatever you need it to be. This year, I needed it to be less.
I also started out the beginning of the year diving into the braces adventure. This, in itself, has been exciting and hell at the same time. The prospect of having a better smile and straight teeth sure snowed me into this decision. Ever since then, it has been a ridiculous battle and has left me wondering if I made a seriously wrong move.
Carter also completed his second year of ski school up at Bogus. He had a great year and really advanced to a point where Eric could take him on longer runs after school without totally burning up his legs.
We also added Annie to the family.  She was not really expected, but definitely welcomed. She has a great personality and just turned a year old before Christmas. She has been so fun and the kids love her.
We also spent numerous spring and summer evenings doing this:
When May arrived, we had three big events on the calendar for the month:  Disneyland, a visit from Dana, Veronica, and Easton, and my surgery.
Taking Carter to Disneyland while he was 5 was something I had promised him for a long time. It was time to pay up! We had such a fun time with him. I can't wait to take Kendall.
It's always a busy time when Dana and Veronica come to visit. We try to cram in as much as we can and try not to totally monopolize their time since they have other friends and family to see. Ok, so we DO try to monopolize, but don't blame us!
My surgery was something I hadn't really anticipated when it came to the braces adventure. I didn't even know it was an option, that's how little research I did. But definitely ranked up there as "worst case scenario". My surgery was towards the end of May and has significantly altered my mouth. My top jaw is officially 9mm wider, which doesn't seem like that much until you apply it to your mouth. I can definitely see a difference in the bone structure of my face, though I guess it's hard to really get a feel for it with the braces there. I guess I will wait another year and a half before making my final assessment as to this process.
We also spent a ridiculous amount of time near the water this year, which was definitely a good thing. A healthy dose of sun is good for the soul.
June was a very sad month for us as Eric's dog, Brittney, passed away. We took a day trip to the mountains to give her a very nice final resting place. I can tell Kya has been lonely ever since Brittney died, so we plan to get her a friend some time next year.
August brought a very exciting event - Carter started kindergarten! It was such a fun day for him and he has really excelled. I am so proud of him!
August also brought Kendall's first camping trip. It was a challenge with her, but for the most part, she had a great time!
I tried to get the kids up into the mountains a few other times, but one more day trip before it got too cold was all we got. My parents were camped out near Boiling Springs, so we went up for the day and had a great time.
Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic:
Roller skating party:
I also took my own day trip to the mountains. It was everything I needed on that day. Perfection at its finest.
My spunky child:
Christmas card photo:
We also had the chance to (FINALLY) see my brother pop the question to Veronica! They were down here for Christmas for the entire week and he waited until they were in Boise to ask her the big question. (she said yes)
Christmas Eve Eve:
Christmas Eve:
I took the two love birds out for an engagement shoot - more of that coming soon!
So, now on to 2014. I plan to continue with the fitness routine - I may have lost 40 pounds, but I have more toning to do. Also, this is on the agenda:
Roatan, Honduras. Booked and ready for my arrival!
Here's to a fantastic 2014!
Happy New Year!

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