Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Is Hell Freezing Over?

Fact:  I can't STAND Taylor Swift
Admission:  Maybe I am learning to tolerate her?
Explanation:  Ok so here's the deal......her song that recently came out, with Ed Sheeran, "Everything Has Changed" is a song that I actually like. Everything about her past music has driven me nuts because clearly I'm not her target audience. I don't want to hear about high school or Romeo and Juliet fantasy romance. I mean, kudos to her for writing her own music. That DOES take talent, I will acknowledge that. However, can we please just move on from the juvenile stuff and write about grown up things?
At one of the recent country music award shows, she was presented with an award for her outstanding charity work. Another kudos to her because we all know other young "music" "stars" out there who are absolute train wrecks. At least Taylor appears to have her life and priorities in order, and is behaving accordingly. 
When I heard she would be performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, I did a face palm. She doesn't belong there. Another however.......she was awesome. I loved her collaboration with Fall Out Boy, and she really did look great.  (Can we talk about those legs? Seriously. And it's no secret, I have a mega crush on Carrie Underwood's legs, but Taylor is running a close second here!) 
It wasn't over the top, she was sassy, and I was actually into it.
The rest of the show was incredible.  A Great Big World's performance of "Say Something" was awesome and that song is one that I truly love because it's haunting. If you missed the show, I'm sure there will be re-plays of it over the next week. Go watch - the ladies look amazing and it was so fun watching Adam Levine be so proud of his fiancé as she walked.

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michelle durheim said...

You crack me up! I missed the show. Darn!