Sunday, October 6, 2013

Amy, Peter, and {FAMILY}

Amy contacted me a while back about a special shoot for her family. Her in-laws are native to Africa and have four sons who live here in the states.  The in-laws were here for an extended visit and they have never had professional photos taken, alone or as a family. So Amy wanted to put something together but was very hesitant because their culture just doesn't place high importance on photography. She wasn't sure how receptive the in-laws would be do dressing up and being around in the city....with a photographer.  So when we met up for the shoot, I made sure to put on my best smile and let them know that we really would have a good time. No pressure at all. They spoken broken English, but enough to know what I was wanting. I kept it very simple so that they would remain comfortable. At the end of the shoot, they were still all smiles. The mom even admitted that it was fun! I consider that a huge success!  Two of the little boys were just gorgeous - medium skin and hair, but blue eyes. So gorgeous.

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CreativeMish said...

What a beautiful family. Those eyes of the boys are gorgeous!