Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Braces Adventure - 5 months post-op

So I know the video says 6 months, but it's really only five months. I miscalculated.
Here are some key components of the progress thus far:
*  Expander is out. YAY!  It was incredibly painful to have it taken out. Seriously felt like she was going to pull my molars.
*  Gaps are gone. Obviously the main gap, but then there were two smaller gaps on each side from all the movement.
*  Still fairly tender on the front teeth, depending on the day.
*  Still pretty protective when it comes to eating, especially on the days following tightening/wire changes.  This last time, they put on a square wire and I don't think I ate for about three days afterwards. So much pain!
Here is the latest video update

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