Monday, February 18, 2013

Carter's Ski Lessons - Second Year, Week Three

Today was Carter's third lesson this year. Since I had the day off, I decided to join the boys up on the mountain for a day in the snow. It was windy and pretty damn cold. I stayed in the lodge, got myself a warm window seat, and read a book while Carter had class. Eric went on more advanced runs, and then when class was over, we took Carter on more runs so I could grab some pictures and video. 
Getting ready in the rental shop. Someone forgot his coat, so we had to rent him a coat for the day. Good thing they have that service!
My handsome guys!
 Getting on the small chairlift.
 Hey mom!
 This run is just on the bunny hill, but in Carter's class, they are going on other, more advanced runs. But for the sake of grabbing some pictures, the bunny hill is definitely easier for me to get into position without getting mowed over.
 Carter does this exact thing on his bike - which results in wrecks. Look FORWARD buddy!
 Guess the kid can do the splits.
 I also grabbed this picture on the way home. Not the best, lots of noise. But there was a ton of traffic and I needed to grab something and get back on the road. Definitely doesn't do tonight's sunset justice.
Here is the video of Carter - the laughing at the beginning was from a little girl who crashed and slid under the fence right into my feet. Glad I kept my balance because she really could have wiped me out!

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Creative Mish said...

It look's like Carter is doing a good job with his lessons. Love the video