Sunday, May 27, 2012

Project 52: Week Twenty-One {dream}

Earlier this week, we went on a long bike ride. On the ride, we went through a really nice neighborhood down the road from ours. There was a house still under construction, and I found a way into the house (shhhhhh) to take a look around. The floor plan was awesome. We walked around that house for probably 30 minutes, talking about the design, where things would go, who would get which bedroom (there were 5 upstairs, including a huge soaker tub in the master), etc. I dreamed of using one as my craft room. And the den/office downstairs could have been my photography room, or a play room for the kids. It had a brick, wood-burning fireplace and a three car garage (one of the bays was two deep). All in all, it was the PERFECT house. When we got home, we checked out the price. NOT perfect. Not even close to what we could afford. But, it was nice to dream there for a little bit.

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