Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tummy Time and....wait, did that just happen?

So there are certain things I do with Kendall every day - "reading" her books, practicing sitting up, tummy time, etc.  And everyone knows you don't do tummy time right after eating because...well, duh.  So I usually give her an hour, at minimum, after she eats before we venture into tummy time.

 So we got down on the floor, as usual.  And she doesn't usually stay right on her tummy.  She will roll back onto her back, either way.
 And I will put her back up on her tummy.  She usually lasts several minutes before she's done with it and wants to move on to something else.
 Like trying to EAT this ball.  Seriously - it's on one of her floor toys, that dangles right over her face, and she will get a death grip on that ball. Look at the focus in her eyes - she wants.that.ball.
 And after a few minutes, I will put her back up on her tummy. And yesterday, apparently one hour and two minutes wasn't long enough for her belly to settle that bottle, because THIS happened:
Now, is that timing, or what?!

I guess today, we'll give her more than one hour and two minutes!  ;)


Brandy said...

HAHAHA. That picture makes me laugh so hard.

Creative Mish said...

It makes me laugh too! Poor little thing and her delicate belly. Perfect timing