Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pulling off the Impossible

So a while back, I talked about how my goal this year is to get over to the OTHER side of the camera.  You know, actually be IN the pictures instead of just this phantom as I flip through my scrapbook albums.  My kids DO have a mom, right?  Where is she?  So this obviously leaves Eric in charge of the camera, which doesn't work for two reasons.

1:  He can't hold the camera still to save his life.  Almost every photo is blurry, because I leave it on manual.  I don't want it on automatic because then the flash goes off and I don't want flash.  So herein lies my problem - I get blurry pics.

2:  I hear this every time:  "I don't want to be a damn photographer!"  Seriously, dude?  I'm just wanting some pics with my kids - buck up and snap a few.  It's not like I drag him to my wedding shoots for hours on end.  Just a picture here and there to actually document me in their lives.

So we tried a few - they came out blurry.  Here is the best.

It'll do for now, but let me point out the obvious - Carter's smirk. Attitude, much? And Kendall is blurry because she literally was caught in the act of punching her brother in the head.  No seriously, look.  I know, it's completely involuntary right now - but I know the inevitable battles that will soon become my life - she really WILL punch him in the head some day.  I did it to my brother. It happens.

Have no fear, however.  We have a date with my MIL when she returns from vacation to get REAL family photos done.  Ones where Eric doesn't have to be the "photographer". Where we can get Carter to give us a real smile. And where we can hopefully keep Kendall out of arm's reach from her brother.


We're just the picture perfect family, aren't we?  ;)


♥Jacqueline said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've learned to pass it off in AV, so there's not a whole lot that anyone can do to screw it up. Manual is always better, but who wants to use a tripod to do their own photos?? It turned out pretty good considering! :)

Creative Mish said...

The pictures are always crappy when Bill tries to take them, too. If you want perfect... you'll probably have to set up the tripod..