Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fun With Four

Here are the pictures from Carter's birthday parties.....just us with him, and then the family party we had yesterday.

 Carter is huge into action figures right now. I'm not sure where he even heard about Captain America, because there aren't any shows or movies right now that he knows of that even have Captain America. But regardless, Captain America is the man in our house right now.
 We also got him a fitted helmet and a real bat - he was so excited to get these!

 I also put four dollars in his birthday card - which are now in his piggy bank. Usually we give him all of our spare change, so he almost didn't even know what to do with actual bills!
 Eric brought home two cakes from The Cheesecake Factory - a chocolate tower cake and a carrot cake. Carter picked the carrot cake, so we stuck a candle in for him to make a wish and blow out. I don't think he understood the wish part, but he sure loved the part about blowing out the fire!

 Yesterday, we had a small party with our families.  We usually do a big party at a park somewhere, but I wanted to keep it low-key this year because of Kendall and her nap schedule, and limited funds. So we put together a nice dinner and invited immediate family only. It turned out to be a very fun party!
 One of Carter's favorite things up at the cabin is the binoculars, so I was sure to put them on the birthday list since he needs some down here, too.

 And a broom.  I kid you not, the first thing he wants to do at my parents' house is get their mini-broom from the trailer. He will sweep out the trailer, the back patio, etc. So they decided to get him one of his own for our house - and of course, he set off right to work! I think this present will come in handy for ME as well if he wants to be a little helper!

 In addition to his Spiderman and Captain America action figures, he also got Ironman.  The kid is pure boy!

 Ashley and David went to Disneyland for a vacation recently, so they got him a Pirates of the Caribbean play gun that displays a lighted skull on the wall.  It's so fun!  Hopefully he doesn't break that gun, because I would hate to have to go to Disneyland just to get a new one!  ;)  (This trip is actually in the planning stages for when he's 5)
 As usual, we let Carter pick the design for his cake. He opted for dinosaurs this year.

 And he had a hard time blowing out all FOUR candles!
 And we all discovered that the colorful frosting gave us all quite interesting tongues, too!

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♥Jacqueline said...

Happy Birthday to Carter! Captain America is a new movie that was out recently at Edwards... I wonder if it's kid appropriate... ? Anyway, Disneyland will be fun next year! :)