Monday, January 16, 2017

The Family Room Remodel

This project took quite a bit longer than the other projects in the house, mainly because of the holidays and my surgery. But we finally finished it - except for the new TV/accessories that will arrive in a couple weeks. Otherwise, the room is now totally functional.
I didn't get a complete before picture, but the accent wall the former owners had done was this ugly maroon color. WHY they picked that color is beyond me. There were also 5 poorly installed can lights up in the ceiling that I wanted to get rid of, so we pulled those out, patched the holes, re-textured as much as we possibly could on the ceiling AND walls, and repainted the entire room.  Still saving up for the carpet adventure, so that'll be the last update throughout the entire house.
Once the ceiling painted, my dad was able to put in the new fan I got for the room, and I added two new floor lamps for additional lighting. With that old maroon wall, the room really felt like a dungeon because it was so dark. The lighter paint really changed up the feel of the room.
I wanted to try a textured paint for my accent wall, so I got a brushed suede from Lowe's. I have to say, it didn't turn out like I thought it would. Though I do like the color, I don't get any textured "look" when I stare at the wall. I could have saved myself two hours of doing countless X's to get that texture and just rolled the stupid paint on. ;) Lesson learned with this one.
Can't wait to get the new carpet and trim in to really finish out the look of the room!
Again, thanks mom and dad for all of your help!

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