Saturday, November 26, 2016


Since Dana and Veronica have moved back to town, we had the entire family together for Thanksgiving this year. My Aunt Taunya hosted and it was a full house!
Baby Mason refuses to crawl, so we are just going to make him walk instead!
It's so fun having little (or big) babies in the house again! Definitely lots of little cheeks to kiss and love on.
The two smarty-pants building a tower.
Easton, that's what you get when you wrestle with Papa! 
I have been doing my own little tradition of making a full dinner on Black Friday for just the kiddos and me. That way we get all of the yummy leftovers! ;)  It was a day full of cooking and baking, and the dinner was delicious! We played a bunch of games throughout the day and had a really good time.

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