Tuesday, November 29, 2016


In between my normal job, raising little humans, house projects, and preparing for surgery next week, I'm also cramming in Christmas projects. Because why not? Fortunately, I enjoy Christmas and projects, so it's relatively low on the stress-o-meter. ;) 
I noticed last year that my ornament wreath was starting to show some wear and tear from years of in and out of storage, etc. It was painful, but when Christmas came down last year, I tossed that wreath. I immediately went out and bought a foam core, knowing that the project would surface this time of year and it's next to impossible to find a store that isn't sold out of them. As I was putting up the indoor Christmas d├ęcor this last weekend, I came upon that foam core and got so excited to do another ornament wreath. I got all new ornaments, and surprisingly didn't stray from the color scheme of the last one, and put together the wreath last night while watching Monday Night Football. There are still a few little places that bother my symmetrical-needing eye, but overall, I'm pleased!

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