Monday, July 18, 2016

The Joys of Owning a Home

Some day, I really will get to a point where I can enjoy my home.....right? There are many, many Pinterest projects in the queue for this house. A great majority of them are exciting to me. However, in the meantime, we keep stumbling upon bogus "projects" the former owners attempted. Daily visits to Lowe's are becoming quite the reality. I just want to get to the FUN projects, not the clean-up of shoddy work!
The electrical situation in the master bath was......mind-blowing. Matt's best friend owns an electrical company, so we got him over to the house ASAP to assess the situation. A sizeable donation to Lowe's (one of many, oh what fun!) later, and we were operating under a much safer system.
While all of that fun was going on, I finished up the kids' rooms. Carter has the BSU room, and while we have a few more things to add in the coming weeks, it's just about complete. He LOVES it! You certainly can't miss his room once you get upstairs! ;)
The girls' room really reminds me of an Easter basket with the colors they chose. We definitely have more stuff to add to the walls, but for the most part, this room is done.
The doozy of all projects came to a head last week. When the inspection was done on the house, it was determined that there was a leak in the sprinkler system somewhere. The owner of the house took it upon himself to "fix" it, and even certified that it was done. Not so much. We had considerable flooding of the yard late last week, and pulled in the artillery (read: my parents) to get the problem temporarily stopped until we could find a permanent solution. We have enlisted professional sprinkler people to complete the project, but to save on labor costs, dug out the hole on our own last night. What a mess!
At some point, I'm hoping that the fixing of bullshit cover-up projects will subside and I can actually get down to my Pinterest projects!

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