Monday, July 11, 2016


A couple months ago, Matt sprung a surprise on me......a trip to Boston to see a game at Fenway. Was I excited? You bet I was!! And then I launched into the whole buying a house thing, and the excitement for this trip was sort of trumped by the excitement of buying a house. But the day came to start packing and getting our butts on a plane, and trust me, the thrill came rushing back. I've been to Boston before, but it has been 10 years. And while I have done a tour of Fenway, I have never seen a home Red Sox game. It was definitely a whirlwind trip, but so freakin' fun!
We had a little flight delay, which put us into Boston a little later than planned. We got ourselves checked into the hotel and immediately set out to find a great restaurant for dinner. Mission accomplished, with some ice cream as we strolled down Newbury and Boylston streets to the hotel.
The next morning, we set out on the Freedom Trail, which is a must in Boston. It definitely takes you to some major historical places, and is a great way to see a lot of downtown Boston.
Yes, the dome is real gold!
Benjamin Franklin's parents' graves.
Don't ask..... ;)
We stopped at Beantown Pub and had a wonderful lunch!
This balcony was where the Declaration of Independence was first read to the public.
Faneuil Hall is one of my favorite places in Boston, along with Quincy Market. We spent over an hour just wandering around the shops and vendors.
After most of the Freedom Trail, we headed back to the hotel to dump off all of the merchandise, and headed to FENWAY!
My happy place!!
I have to say, watching Big Papi hit a homerun in the second inning was the greatest thing EVER. Bucket list item totally checked off! The atmosphere at Fenway is 100% electric, and when that ball pops off his bat, it goes CRAZY in that house!
After the game was over, the throngs of people headed to the T. We opted to hit a sports bar to let the crowds die down, something we thought would take 20 minutes. Well, an hour and a half (and $110!) later, we finally managed to get ourselves to the T and back to our hotel. What a crazy fun trip!!

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