Monday, January 11, 2016

2016: Project Happiness

I know a lot of people who set out to find that one word to define the upcoming year. I can usually find two or three for any given year, but I have really centered on one for 2016:  PEACE.
The last few years (though if we are being honest here, it's been far more than that) have come with a significant amount of turmoil, for a variety of reasons. It seems like everything has really culminated in the last year and a half, bringing me to an appreciable crossroads.
I did a lot of walking in 2015, figuratively. I walked away from something I was trying to do for the sake of my kids. It no longer served me, mentally, to stay in that situation. There was no more positive benefit to reap from the relationship. I also walked away from a different relationship because it no longer served me, emotionally. I learned you can want something to the moon and back, it can make perfect sense, it can bring forth feelings you never knew you had, but you simply can't MAKE it happen. And that moment when you realize that you deserve all of that with someone who is going to stand there and make it happen WITH you.....that moment is when you realize you have the freedom to stand up and walk away. Unchain yourself from the weight. Shed every tear until there isn't a drop left. Remove the burden of blame. And rise up.
So PEACE is 2016. The past is gone. I'm not looking back because I'm not going that way.
I make a choice each morning when I wake up. I choose positivity. On purpose. I spend some quiet moments seeking out a motivational thought for the day, and that sets the tone for my day. I refuse to partake in negativity. I simply won't allow it in my life anymore.

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