Sunday, October 11, 2015

Taylor & Hilary {wedding}

This was my last wedding of the year.....and actually, only my third. My quest to significantly cut back on the weddings this year proved to be extremely successful. Three weddings? This is unheard of for me! But it was a great number for this year as I had a lot going on. This wedding was up near Idaho City on a gorgeous piece of land with an even more gorgeous house. This couple moved here from California at the beginning of this year and totally transformed this property into their dream wedding venue. I've been keeping tabs with them throughout the summer on the progress and I'm totally impressed with everything they were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. And yes, this is the wedding where I talked myself out of a speeding ticket and into a police escort to the property. I'm good. ;)  Since it was the second wedding for both bride and groom, we were not so focused on the main bridal portraits as we were the candids with friends and family. However, they did rock the few bridal poses we got hiking up the mountain behind their house.
1,200sf deck with a view!

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