Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Friday evening, I had my parents over for dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday. After dinner and cake, we decided to color the eggs. I always feel like hard-boiled eggs are a waste because I always just throw them away. I know if you peel them, you can still eat them......but the fact that the egg underneath the shell is dyed messes with my head. I know they are non-toxic dyes, but I'm already weird about food, so throwing a pink tinted egg into the mix is just too much for me. So I decided to try some fake eggs this year, which appeared to be made of the same material as a ping pong ball. Which means.....they don't sink down into the coloring cups. And they didn't absorb the color well, at all. Lesson learned! But the kids still had fun and I bet my dad doesn't even remember the last time he sat down to watch kids color eggs. ;)
And yes, Carter's fingers are still Hulk Green.
I missed the grand adventure last year at Kleiner due to flying out for a trip, but you can bet I made it this year! And holy cow, what a HUGE celebration! There were egg hunts for various age groups, and I think the total egg count I heard was 165,000. Amazing!
Michelle was able to come with us and headed over with Eric and Carter for Carter's age group. I'm glad we had two cameras! After the madness was over, we all headed out for a family lunch.
Since Eric is working nights for the foreseeable future, I sat down last night to multi-task.....March Madness and putting together Easter baskets! Carter was up probably 817 times last night to check if the Easter Bunny had come. I told him that if he does that too often, the Easter Bunny will just move on to the next house and not leave him anything. Seriously - I'm exhausted this morning from waking up every single time he came out of his room. Being a light sleeper really sucks. And I also noticed, one of the times I was awake, that it was pouring rain outside. Bummer! Fortunately, the plastic eggs were shut tightly enough to keep any water from ruining the candy inside.

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