Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

This was a very trying weekend for me. Well, the latter portion was. The first portion was pretty fun - Friday night, the kids and I cleaned up the house and then had a movie night after dinner. We had a great time and they even slept in a little bit Saturday morning. We spent a little bit on Saturday afternoon doing some baseball practice with my parents. It was a tad windy, so Kendall was pretty much miserable the entire time. Even though it was in the 60s, that wind made it feel much colder. The temps are supposed to be higher this weekend, so I'm sure we will hit the field again for more practice.
Someone should really open his eyes when batting. ;)
Saturday night, we had a great time with dinner and wrestling around. I started prepping my camera gear for a shoot on Sunday, and Carter asked me if we could set the timer and take some pictures. I just love it when he asks that - we always have a good time laughing at the silly pictures we get.
She always has to check to make sure Carter is smiling, too.
Late afternoon on Sunday, I had an engagement shoot with this fun couple. I am shooting their wedding later this year and I can't wait! We had a great time roaming around some land out in New Plymouth. We got some great shots and I will share them soon!

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