Sunday, March 16, 2014

An Outdoor Weekend

Seriously, Boise was GORGEOUS this weekend!  Saturday was amazing and today was even better.  The kids and I were outside all day yesterday. We spent quite a bit of time out front, doing sidewalk chalk drawings, and then we went to the neighborhood park.
Carter is seriously the best big brother, EVER. Kendall wanted to do his hair, though he did draw the line at any sort of accessories. But seriously, he let her brush his hair and then use her little Minnie Mouse blow dryer. It was too cute!
Today, we met up with my parents again in the afternoon for more baseball practice with Carter. I didn't get a ton of shots because I was either shagging balls from Carter batting or playing first base when he was taking infield. His infield skills have really improved and he's pretty much a vacuum for anything middle infield. I'm so proud of him!
We've been working Carter on doing switch hitting since he could pick up a bat. He had a hard time today, but I think he was pretty tired from doing a few buckets from the right side of the plate.
It was a great weekend to be outside. I sure hope next weekend is just as nice!

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